Opportunity for Young People to Take Their Place in Bristol’s Creative Scene

Bristol Media, Babbasa, Ujima Radio, Bristol City Council and Cirencester College have joined up to create Visualiser - an apprentice scheme, open to school-leavers and graduates and a realistic alternative to the current work-experience or internships. They guarantee apprentices are paid Living Wage – or a higher rate benchmarked against the industry standard for the Job Description created by the host company.

The scheme is recruiting companies, and by young people their defining talent and ambition, they’ll be connected to the most dynamic creative businesses in the region and be supported in their development by Ujima, Babbasa and Bristol Media, providing the support and coaching to make the best of their pitch.

It’s a pathway for a cohort of 10 talented, diverse people into Bristol’s creative industries, bringing new ideas, insights and learning.

Babbasa BM 190124_IMG_0051.JPG

The scheme will run for a year, in which the young people will work in the host company for 4 days each week, and attend OFSTED-accredited training provided in central Bristol by Cirencester College, who’ve been working with creative employers in the city since 2011, and have over 100 creative apprentices now working in the city.

The Job Description will be aligned with 3 Level 3 Apprenticeship standards:

  • Junior Content Producer – making video, audio and text content for a range of platforms

  • Digital Marketing – essentially, content distribution using text and AV, with analytics and CRM

  • Broadcast Production Assistant – scheduling & documenting production

This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the progressive talent and ambition of young people in the city  - and change the face of Bristol’s creative industries.

The scheme will launch on 14th May 2019. For more details contact:

Poku Osei - poku.osei@byep.org.uk

Roger Griffith - roger@ujimaradio.com

Paul Appleby – paul@bristolmedia.co.uk or Alli Nicholas – alli@bristolmedia.co.uk