Training Young People to Become ‘Creative Leaders’

The youth homeless charity, 1625 Independent People, has been running a new training programme for the young people they support.

1625ip learnt that they were supporting young people who expressed an interest in gaining skills and being more involved in media and communications.  In response, they set up a short ‘Creative Leaders’ programme, a chance for young people to learn about different roles in the creative industries and gain some knowledge in this area of work.

Thanks to support from businesses in Bristol - The DAS Group, Zone Digital, Flourish and boomsatsuma - who are each delivering a training session. Without them, this opportunity may not have been possible.

The sessions help young people to clarify their ‘voice’, express passions, values and beliefs, articulate their message, present to a group of people, learn to make a film, understand body language, prepare for media interviews, improve their ability to advocate, strengthen their sense of identity, and tell a story. Importantly, it’s also a great chance for young people to network with professionals in the industry, and find out about their work and pathways too.

Once they have completed the course, the hope is that the young people will feel more confident to explore opportunities - from writing blogs, to taking photos, to doing media interviews, to expressing their views more clearly and much more.

 1625ip aims to run this course again in the future. Opportunities like this really count when trying to support young people with barriers to progress in life.

 Any questions, or to get in touch to volunteer your time, please contact the communications team at