Alun Griffiths Take 'Bridge to Schools' to Knowle DGE

This week, Griffiths Civil Engineering and Construction visited Knowle DGE for another exciting day of learning about construction and engineering.

To engage students in the principles of engineering in an interactive and hands-on way, Griffiths facilitated their 'Bridge to Schools' activity with various groups of students throughout the morning and afternoon.

During each session, two teams of around twelve students spent an hour working together to construct a bridge, a scaled down version of the second severn crossing, that is approximately seventeen metres in length and three metres tall. 


Students used calculation skills, communication skills, teamwork and explored creative ideas to construct the bridge so it could be walked across by their teachers and peers. Griffiths also took along three apprentices, two of whom were from Knowle, to support the build and offer information about their roles.

With around 40 students taking part in the activity it was a great day for all. This is the second time that Griffiths have run this session for Bristol WORKS and we’re hoping to run it at another partner school before the end of the academic year.

A huge thanks to Griffiths for providing Bristol WORKS schools with such great opportunities.