Mentoring Continues at Oasis Brightstowe

Bristol WORKS group mentoring sessions have been running at Oasis Academy Brightstowe for six weeks now. With previous mentors from various sectors such as education, music, advertising, HR and sport, Year 11 students have benefited from a wealth of experience and information about their future options.

This week, working with the boys group, it was the turn of Elliot Lamb of boomsatsuma. Elliot’s experience of the creative industries spans filmmaking, web design and event management. Working across all Post-16 courses at boomsatsuma, he is well placed to offer advice and guidance about next steps after GCSEs.

Artleta Andreasik-Paton, a Senior Project Manager at AECOM, spoke to the girls group about construction, stereotypes, and the range of job roles available to women in the industry. She was even able to let the group in on some of the exciting projects she is a part of.

With both groups getting so much out of the sessions, Bristol WORKS is collaborating with Oasis Brightstowe to extend the six week programme.

Watch this space to find out more.