Children in Care Covenant offer

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The Care Leavers Covenant is a promise made by the private, public and voluntary sectors to provide support for care leavers aged 16-25 to help them to live independently. You can find out more here.

The Covenant is a way of requesting that businesses and people pledge their support for young people who are leaving care. There are a range of requests being asked and you can pledge at a level that is right for you and your company. The requests range from an offer of access to concessionary sports, cultural or leisure activities, specific support with financial guidance, mentoring, work shadowing or work experience placements.

With over 70,000 young people in care in England there is a need for a new approach.  Here is some of the known statistical data about this children in care:

  1. In general about 38% of children in care have more than one placement during a year, while 11% had three or more placements

  2. In 2016, 14% of children in care achieved 5 or more GCSEs graded (A*- C), compared to 58% of children not in care

  3. That same year, 40% of all care leavers, of 19, 20 and 21 years of age, were not in employment, education or training compared to 14% of their peers who weren’t in care

  4. The percentage of children in care gaining entry to University in 2016 was 7%, compared to the University entry of around 40% of their peer group. This figure has not improved since 2006.

  5. 20% of young homeless people have previously been in care

  6. Children in care are four times more likely to have a mental health difficulty, which in many cases is attributed to isolation and loneliness.

If you feel that you can offer some support of young people then start the signup process here

Please take the time to consider if you can make a small offer that will make a big difference to a young person.