Bristol WORKS Kickstarts 2019 with Group Mentoring Programmes and Creative Assemblies

This week saw the start of two group mentoring programmes at partner schools, Oasis Academy Brightstowe and Bridge Learning Campus.

For the next six weeks, volunteer professionals from a range of sectors will be visiting KS4 students during tutor time to offer insights into their career choices and pathways. The programme aims to challenge some preconceived ideas about gender specific roles. Both schools have highlighted the need for more knowledge and understanding of the variety of job opportunities available to young people, regardless of gender.

On Wednesday, Dan Lacey, who leads on Projects and Developments at Extract Coffee Roasters, visited Oasis Academy Brightstowe to speak to a group of Year 11 boys about their futures. Sharing his experiences of hospitality and the doors it has opened for him, the students also had an opportunity to ask questions and learn about pathways. Lyndsay Davies, Creative Projects Manager, at boomsatsuma ran the same session with the girls offering up her experiences of TV Production and Engagement.


Lyndsay also visited Bridge Learning Campus on Thursday accompanied by Elliot Lamb, also of boomsatsuma. Both mentors offered interesting insights into the creative sector and possible ways to access some of the diverse roles available.

The programme is set to continue next week with a different set of volunteer professionals from sport and youth engagement.

Thursday also saw Juliette Russell, a freelance Editor and Producer, visit Oasis Brightstowe to present to Year 8 about the creative sector. With GCSE option choices coming up in March, the assembly aimed to offer better understanding of the opportunities available in Bristol and variety of roles and experiences open to young creatives.

With these assemblies set to continue at both schools, there’s much more in store!