Success: A Combination of Results, Experience of Work and Creativity

With A Level results already out, and GCSE results fast approaching, it's a tentative time of year for many young people who are thinking long and hard about what's next.

Whilst working diligently towards targets, and ensuring that results are the best they can be is very important, it's also useful to remember that success is not always built on results alone. Many studies suggest that a combination of good results and repeated experience of the work place, or work place skills and practices, is the best way to help one's career choice and prospects. 

A report in 2016 by the World Economic Forum stated that "The gap between the skills people learn and the skills people need is becoming more obvious." It seems that although traditional education in schools is a vital part of learning and progression, it is not the only learning that young people need in order to access the jobs they may strive towards. 

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With creative competencies becoming essential career skills, towns and cities should be offering their young people more opportunities to see this in practice in the work place. 

If you're a organisation that thinks it has something to offer young people, whether that's a traditional placement, a workshop, an opportunity for mentoring, support with CV writing or presentations to show the links between curriculum subjects and the working world, then get in touch. Bristol WORKS is committed to helping students be more informed about their future career options.