Our Year at City Academy Bristol

Continuing with the summary of employer engagement at Bristol WORKS partner schools, here’s a brief look at the experience of work activity that we put in place at City Academy Bristol this year.

Starting with the STEMworks and EDF sessions, the whole of year 8 and 9 learnt about apprenticeships and got to experience how science relates to the real world. The year 8s, working in small groups, designed, built and launched egg carriages across the hall. The year 9 groups learnt about wind turbines, designing and building their own from bought materials.


City Academy Bristol students were also part of Engine Shed on Tour. Their team of year 10 students visited Pukka Herbs, learning about their work spaces, their staff and their laboratory for testing herbs! Once the film was finished on the boomsatsuma bus, they took it to Easton Primary School and taught the year 6 students about the 360 camera equipment and the tour they took. The year 6 students interviewed them about their experiences at Pukka Herbs and were helped to make a film of their own.


City Academy Bristol was also visited by many inspirational speakers across the year. Addressing the year 7s and 8s, speakers such as Cllr Asher Craig, Karl Brown from Wilmott Clark and Bristol’s own Mayor, Marvin Rees, talked to students about their roles and the pathways that got them there. Their final visit was from Michele Curtis, Director of the Iconic Black Bristolians project. 


Year 10 students were also invited to be part of the Bristol City Council workforce for the week. With students taking up Bristol WORKS traditional placements within the Learning City Partnership team and the Employment Support Team, they learnt about the various roles within the council, the vast array of BCC projects, and even spent some time with Marvin Rees understanding his role and his day to day activities.