Engine Shed on Tour goes to Extract Coffee with Ashton Park School

Earlier this week, Bristol WORKS partner school, Ashton Park, visited Extract Coffee Roasters to make an exciting 360 degree film of the organisation with boomsatsuma and Engine Shed


Once the students arrived at Extract, they were introduced to the equipment, the objectives of the trip, and the roastery itself. After this, they commenced their first tour, learning about how the coffee is roasted, the efficiency of the machines, and process from bean to bag. 


The second tour was all about the training. In order for customers to get the best from Extract Coffee, they offer training to companies they supply to. The Ashton Park students learnt all about 'Latte Art'. They practised how to make shapes in their coffees and understood the role and responsibilities of being a barista. 

After the tours were over, the team edited their footage to create a 360 virtual tour. 


The premise behind the project is to offer rare insights to exciting and innovative organisations, giving young people the opportunity to create careers content for their peers. The day was a huge success with one student saying "It opened up future choices for me." 

Watch out for more Engine Shed on Tour to come.