Griffiths Interactive Workshops at Ashton Park School

In a matter of weeks, Griffiths Civil Engineering and Construction will be visiting Ashton Park School for an exciting day of construction and safety. 

In order to teach students about the principles of engineering in an interactive and engaging way, Griffiths will be facilitating their 'Bridge to Schools' activity. This will see two teams around twelve students spend an hour working together to construct a bridge that is approximately seventeen metres in length and three metres tall. 

In order to do this effectively, it is essential that students use skills that they practice in their everyday lessons such as calculation, communication and exploration of ideas. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 15.09.00.png

There will be three bridge building sessions at Ashton Park meaning that Griffiths will be working with up to seventy students, making direct links to industry and offering invaluable insights into construction. 

In addition to this activity, Griffiths will also be taking a tipper wagon to the school and teaching students about the principles of health and safety in Construction. Students will get to sit in the cabin of the lorry and discuss the safety considerations of pedestrians, cyclists and road users with the driver. They will get to see and experience the blind spots and learn about how to safely pass a construction vehicle. This provides an unique opportunity, under a controlled and safe environment, to view the highway from the driver’s perspective.


With so much hands on activity, it's set to be an exciting day of real challenges and career insights for Ashton Park students.