EDF STEMworks Session at Orchard School

EDF provided another STEMworks session at Orchard School this week with Year 8 students learning about career possibilities and nuclear power. 


The group of 60 began by learning about EDF Hinkley Point C and nuclear energy. After this, they went on to learn about the career opportunities available at EDF, focusing on apprenticeships and alternative career progression. Once the careers advice and guidance was complete, they started the really fun bit, the practical session.

The aim of the session was very simple, groups had to design and make a vehicle to be fired up the ramp towards a target. The vehicle needed to support the weight of an egg and prevent it from breaking when it impacted and rolled along the floor. The vehicle of the winning team would travel furthest from the launch ramp on to the target without the egg cracking.


The activity aims to demonstrate the process behind carrying delicate materials safely and allows students to creatively experiment with design, taking into account the science needed to land the egg without breaking it.


With EDF STEMworks sessions still to happen at Bristol WORKS partner schools Ashton Park and Merchants Academy, there's plenty more egg launching in store.