WORKS sees Engine Shed go on Tour with boomsatsuma

boomsatsuma, WORKS delivery partner, have teamed up with Engine Shed to create a series of innovative 360 degree films exploring the diversity of Bristol’s work spaces.

The project, called Engine Shed On Tour, will see a mobile editing suit which is fully kitted out with filming and production equipment, make 16 stops around schools in the region, giving young people the chance to create short films about digital career opportunities.

boomsatsuma will staff the bus with technicians as it makes its journey around the region. They will apply their expertise in delivering projects to inspire young people, offering them unique creative experiences, and helping develop skills to apply in tech and digital careers.


Mark Curtis, Creative Director of boomsatsuma said:

“We’re delighted to see our vision come to life. The Engine Shed on Tour brings boomsatsuma’s creative, educational, and film production skills together to inspire young people across the region. The bus will be fitted with state of the art equipment to build awareness around careers in sectors that may not seem accessible to children from all backgrounds.”

Engine Shed’s vision is to increase long-term, inclusive, sustainable economic growth by working with teachers and young people to support a diverse workforce for the future, and open sectors to future employees from wide ranging socioeconomic backgrounds.

Engine Shed Director Nick Sturge said:

“At Engine Shed, we celebrate innovation, collaboration, and diversity – and there’s nowhere better for us to champion this than within schools. Young people are the future, and Engine Shed on Tour will drive the desire and opportunities for young people to develop their skills in high technology sectors, resulting in high level recruitment in these industries for the South West, which is one of our integral goals. Diverse teams – whether at board level or at product-development level inevitably lead to better results and we hope that this project not only increases the long-term pipeline of diverse talent abut also raises the encourages employers to embrace diversity. We are also thrilled to be working with our friends at boomsatsuma, who bring professionalism, energy and creativity to life in projects such as this.”

The Engine Shed on Tour bus will make 16 stops between April and July 2018, collaborating with all WORKS target schools and 4 others in the region to offer young people from all backgrounds rare access to high-tech, digital, creative and innovative work places. Up to 12 young people from each school will tour two work places, learning about job roles, objectives and outcomes. Whilst doing so, they’ll be filming content that they will edit on location on the bus. Once the content has been created, the exciting 360 degree career resource can be used by the organisation and the secondary school.

The second part of the project sees the bus visit the feeder primary schools where secondary school students will teach year 5 and 6 students how to use the equipment and share their experiences of the organisations with more young people, extending the projects reach and supporting the schools’ transition programmes.

Bristol WORKS will see Engine Shed on Tour work with Ashton Park students on Friday 13th of April with more dates booked in the coming weeks.