Traditional Work Placements - can you offer support?

Bristol WORKS is committed to ensuring that the city is able to offer meaningful experiences of work to its young people. Whilst the WORKS framework has been designed to demonstrate that there are many ways that employers can engage with this, WORKS also recognises that there is still great value in traditional work placements and is keen to help share opportunities across the city.

Offering a short term work placements from 1-5 days provides great opportunities for learners to experience a wide range of entry level roles under staff supervision. Traditional placements are valuable opportunities for learners, giving them insight into a particular career and the chance to start building networks.

Read about how Bristol Museums shaped their traditional placements on a blog created by one of the young people that took part in their programme. Integrating this into their outcomes by the end of the week offered the young people a chance to give voice to their experiences and share them online.


Are you an employer that can offer support?

 Year 10 students across Bristol have started looking for experience of work placements. If you are an employer who is interested in offering a young person a traditional week long placement,  please email to register your interest. The WORKS webpage provides guidance notes in the 'Traditional Placements' section and there is also a short video about how GENECO developed their offer to meet the their needs and the needs of the young people.