Creativity and Construction with Bristol WORKS Partner Schools

This week has seen lots of activity start to take shape at Bristol WORKS partner schools, Oasis Academy Brightstowe and Knowle DGE.

Starting the week with a crack team of budding creatives, Oasis Academy Brightstowe, began to create their own student-led newsletter. Working with post-16 media students from boomsatsuma, the team are designing and making their own school publication with a focus on creating something that has a student identity. Over the course of the year, students will produce three newsletters brimming with events, sporting achievements and notices; there may even be a few creative pieces of their own. Once the first draft of each newsletter is ready, an industry volunteer will visit the school, offering feedback and ideas whilst talking to them about their role, pathways and workplace.

Later in the week, Oasis also had a visit from Creative Projects Manager, Lyndsay Davies. Working with teachers in Performing Arts and Music, Bristol WORKS is offering insights for year 8 students into creative roles. The visit informed students about the benefits of creative subjects in schools, demonstrating transferable skills and potential pathways in the future.

In addition to this, students from Knowle DGE visited the site of ‘The Wave’ in North Bristol on Thursday, learning about construction and civil engineering with Alun Griffiths. After a rigorous introduction to health and safety on site, two groups of students took tours in Land Rovers with the Site Agent. Experiencing all the large earth moving vehicles first hand, they discovered the kind of work that is needed to prepare the area for the build.

The students also got to meet other staff in the site office, including a Junior Engineer who explained what a civil engineer does, and the various other roles required on site to complete a project like ‘The Wave’. He also demonstrated some of the high-tech tools used such as Laser and GPS Technology.

After all this action, the group then had lunch, tea and biscuits in the canteen where they had more opportunity to ask more questions. With goody bags of information about Go Construct and the Institute of Civil Engineers, Knowle DGE students left the site smiling!

If you’re an employer interested in working with Bristol schools, get in touch.