EDF STEMworks Sessions Begin at City Academy

Yesterday, 58 Year 8 students from City Academy were thrilled to be part of a STEMworks day supported by EDF Hinkley Point C.

As science is a core subject, City Academy and Bristol WORKS sought to develop a programme of immersive science-based workshops that could offer young people at City Academy an insight into the principles of engineering, and the various job opportunities at EDF’s Hinkley Point C.

IMG_5872 2.JPG

The students started by learning about nuclear power and the various plants around the UK. Having completed preparatory work in lessons leading up to the session, the students avidly answered questions about the work EDF does, and how nuclear energy is created and used.

STEMworks, who were running the workshop, later explored the variety of job opportunities that Hinkley Point C is set to create. With the majority of students assuming that the workforce would mainly be made up of scientists in radiation suits, they were intrigued to hear that the opportunities are so diverse.

The exciting workshop culminated in students working in teams to build a carriage to safely launch eggs across the room. Carefully selecting materials and ensuring they kept costs down, the teams worked together to design carriages that would travel as far as possible but keep the structure and integrity of the egg in tact.


With two further Year 8 sessions to come, and more with Year 9 throughout February and March, City Academy students have a lot more Bristol WORKS excitement in store.