Bristol Cathedral Choir School increases student access to industry

The Cathedral Schools Trust Premium Partners scheme offers a systematic and effective way for employers to engage with Bristol Cathedral Choir School and its students. Premium Partners for Schools, established 5 years ago, has benefited students all across Bristol through a range of quality interactions with local businesses.

Recognised as the South West regional winner and sole runner up nationally for best business-education partnership by the British Chamber of Commerce in 2015 & 2016, as well as recognition from Ofsted and the CBI, Premium Partners for Schools is said to be at the cutting edge of employer engagement for young people.

The key to its success is robust and meaningful relationships with local businesses and the bespoke manner in which they can work with schools. Premium Partners for Schools have a number of dynamic projects currently taking place, all focussed on supporting young people to develop key employability skills that both they and businesses need.

One way that Bristol Cathedral Choir School is connecting students with employers is through networking breakfasts where employers from various sectors have the opportunity to engage with students so they can learn about job roles, progression pathways and the skills needed to be successful.

One Y12 student said  “It has shown me that the importance of contacts cannot be understated, and that social skills are one of the most important aspects of employment.”

The school is most interested in relationships with employers that allow them to build sustainable  projects that can be embedded into the curriculum, ensuring that they have meaning for the young people involved.

You can read more about how to get involved with Cathedral Schools Trust Premium Partners at