Social Mobility Round Table in Bristol

Bristol WORKS’ employer partner, GENeco, were asked to present information on their exciting, new work experience programme ‘Ignite’.  Information was provided on the student's perceptions of how their soft skills improved after participating in the programme.  Marked improvements were recorded in all areas: communication, teamwork, presentation skills, organisational and problem solving.

Employers such as Bristol 24/7, Bristol Airport, Hargreaves Lansdown, SKANSKA and UWE attended the social mobility round table discussion, hosted by Mr Johnstone and the Bristol Mayor, Marvin Rees at City Hall.  

Attendees were asked to consider:

‘What opportunities are there for employers, educators, local Government and communities to work together to increase social mobility?’

‘How can access and progression be addressed?’

‘What needs to happen to make this sustainable in this region?’

The discussions highlighted the immense good-will of employers in Bristol but also emphasised the need for further work to develop ideas. All parties agreed that it was only the start of the conversation and the Social Mobility Foundation, along with Bristol WORKS, are looking forward to seeing how this progresses.