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Strategic Partnering is the pairing of your business with institution leads and department heads to add value in the construction of relevant and positive experiences of work.


Learner Mentoring gives employers and educational providers the opportunity to meet with young people face to face to both provide them with advice and gain insights.


Activities of any kind can inspire our cities young people to seek out further work-based opportunities. These inspiring activities could be anything from lectures and to workplace visits.

Employers can choose to deliver core and industry related skills directly into educational institutions. One-off or sustained programmes can link in with schools' existing curriculum.

Can young people solve the problems your teams are facing? With a minimum of one visit you can set up a real-world challenge that you can facilitate and review to any extent you wish.

Offering traditional short term work placements allows accommodation of participants in the workplace that can to help fulfil a variety ofentry level roles under staff supervision from 3 to 5 days.

Where learning is transferred into the workplace. Current examples of this immersive placement model in operation are traineeships, apprenticeships and interns.