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'WORKS depends on the active support of local employers across all sectors who can help us make a real active difference to the lives of all of our young people'

- Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol

WORKS is part of the Bristol Learning City Partnership and is building a unique collaboration between employers, learning providers, and local communities to develop a skilled local workforce.

During the mayoral election, one of Marvin Rees’ manifesto pledges was to deliver experience of work and the opportunity of an apprenticeship for every young person who wants one. Bristol WORKS, through a model of collaborative working, is one way that this is happening. Part of the Bristol Learning City Partnership, WORKS is building a unique collaboration between employers, learning providers and local communities to develop a skilled local workforce. Their aim is to offer bespoke experience of work programmes created with schools, based on the needs of young people.

Research suggests that young adults who had four or more experiences of work while at school are five times more likely to engage in further education, employment and training. They earn, on average, 16% more than their peers who had no such experiences. However, not all young people are given such opportunities.

The Bristol WORKS initiative will increase the choices young people in Bristol have by offering meaningful experiences of work. WORKS will equip future generations with the passion and skills to make positive life choices regardless of their background.

Building on existing good practice, WORKS will:

  • ENGAGE - Employers and learning providers are co-creating opportunities to equip people with the skills and qualities they need in the workplace.
  • INSPIRE - Young people are participating and gaining insights into the wide range of career opportunities available.
  • EMPLOY - Employers are recruiting skilled people who are ready to meet business needs.


WORKS is supporting and facilitating:

  • The creation of a unique framework which outlines the many ways to experience work
  • Opportunities to network, share and celebrate good practice
  • Recording experiences and ideas from all key stakeholders – employers, learning providers and young people

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